A Career as a Trainer in Applied Blockchain

Become a Master Trainer in Applied Blockchain

Master Trainer is an individual who has been certified in accordance with The Uber Academy’s Certification Program. Master Trainers are authorised to train and assess in the field of Applied Blockchain.

The Uber Academy Master Trainers are taught by the person who actually authored the courses. So you are learning from the Master Trainer.

It is one thing to have a qualification in Applied Blockchain, but a Master Trainer is an expert in delivering the course. They are experts in guiding their learners in how to create compelling value when applying blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

The Uber Academy is under pressure to provide qualified and expert Master Trainers across the world to deliver the Advanced Diploma and Diploma of Applied Blockchain.  So the opportunity to build a career as a Master Trainer in Applied Blockchain is only surpassed by the pace of the growth in the global uptake of blockchain.

Contact Marcus direct to discuss Master Trainer career opportunities.

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