Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10747NAT


Marcus is proud to have authored the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10747NAT which is accredited by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) and is on the national register for qualifications as an AQF Level 6 qualification.

If you are interested in this qualification here is some information for you.


The qualification is delivered and issued through organisations that hold the course on their scope. We will connect you to a suitably accredited organisation to enrol into this qualification.

The following organisations currently hold the Advanced Diploma of Applied blockchain 10747NAT on their scope:

  • Mentor Education RTO 21683  

You can learn more about Mentor Education from their website:

On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10747NAT testamur through the organisation where you enrolled.

This is the first accredited course in blockchain strategy in Australia and will be internationally regarded. Please take a few moments to digest some further information about the course below.

Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10747NAT

The successful achievement of this qualification requires you to complete:

6 Core Units
2 Elective Units


  • BLKEBF001 Establish a blockchain framework for decentralised peer to peer consensus and innovation.
  • BLKDBM002 Develop a blockchain business model
  • BLKFRS003 Develop a blockchain network functional requirements specification
  • BLKSMC004 Create trust and activate a blockchain with smart contracts
  • BLKOBN005 Develop a framework for operating a blockchain network
  • BLKSNW006 Develop a strategic network framework for interoperability

ELECTIVE UNITS (any 2 of the following)

  • BLKTBO007 Prepare the organisation for transitioning operations to a blockchain network
  • BLKERE008 Develop a blockchain governance model for stewardship
  • BLKRFB009 Lead recruitment strategy for blockchain projects
  • BLKPER010 Analyse performance of a business model deployed on a blockchain
Entrants to the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain must:
  • be over 18years of age at the time of commencement
  • have successfully completed a year 12 certificate or equivalent
Students without vocational experience at a management level will be required to attend an interview prior to enrolment to determine their prospects for success including
  • Understanding of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies
  • Understanding basic planning methods
  • Understanding of the Internet of Things

Recommended entry requirements It is recommended entrants have:
  • Vocational experience at a management level including the development of business plans.
  • High level language, literacy and numeracy levels – sufficient to interpret complex documents and prepare written reports
  • Online Workshops and Tutorials with your Master Trainer
  • Email and online support from an expert and qualified Master Trainer
  • Online student learning resources
  • 24/7 access to your Student Portal where you can download your learning resources and submit your assessments
The course outcomes for graduates will vary greatly depending on existing qualifications and experience. In general, this course is intended to provide participants with the following vocational outcomes:

  • Strategic, Consulting or Management roles within an organisation researching and crafting new Business Models that incorporate blockchain technologies to create value, efficiencies and new opportunities

  • Strategic, Consulting or Management roles within an organisation researching and modelling disruptive business systems around the application of blockchain technologies

  • Strategic, consulting or Management roles within an organisation charged with Transitioning organisational systems to new and emerging blockchain technologies
To complete this course you will require the following:
  • A desktop or laptop computer (Smart Phones will not be suitable)
  • Internet Access and ability to browse and search the internet
  • Microsoft WORD or a compatible software application
  • Basic skills in using MS Word
  • An email address and ability to receive and send email
  • Access to a printer and scanner

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