Beyond the blockchain hype

.. I had a flashback to the late 80’s and the development of the World Wide Web … yes that ‘dot com’ era.

In those heady days I joined the party with a start up that focused on B2B e-commerce. Of course I had the usual sceptics and nay-sayers insisting that the internet and online applications were a ‘flash in the pan’. Of course there were the plethora of scammers, but the idea stayed true and stood the test of time… as good ideas generally do.

That company went on to become a shining light of innovation in Australia, regularly written about and feature by the Financial Review and AIIA in their publications around what was happening in the ‘e-world’

That flash in the pan idea carried on for a further 15 years until I sold ou, ready for the next big revolution… which came in the form of blockchain and distributed ledgers.

It was with an element of deja vu that I read this article in Forbes. where mState CEO Rob Bailey discussed the adoption of blockchain among the startups’. He says:

“Last year we had industry temporarily dominated by hype, insane funding rounds, unproven technology and prolific scammers,” Bailey told Forbes. “This year we have the opposite—an industry with more measured expectations, more proven products and founders building amazing things.”

Forbes published its first Blockchain 50 list of enterprises generating revenue or valued at more than $1 billion.

It is certainly worth checking out the Forbes 50 List to get some insights into how companies are embracing and adopting blockchain and distributed ledger technologies… traditional middlemen are re-inventing them selves to create value and avoid potential disintermediation…

A good read and I encourage you to grab a coffee and spend a few minutes to have a read.