Creating value through Blockchain

Short Course Creating value through blockchain

This course is part of a series of short courses in Mastering Applied Blockchain.

‘ Creating value through blockchain ‘ is designed to help you develop an understanding of how the application of blockchain technologies can disrupt current business models and develop o opportunities to create value.


This Course Guide is broken up into three distinct sections:

SECTION 1. The Tenets of Blockchain – We discuss why blockchain is creating such a fuss. What can it really offer?

SECTION 2. Creating value – We discuss how applying the tenets of blockchain can create new or bigger value. You will learn two simple formulas for creating value.

SECTION 3. Disrupting the business model – We discuss how decentralised systems can disrupt or displace traditional centralised business models and boundaries of value.

Simply put … it is blockchain strategy …  learn how to apply blockchain technology to create value. Applied blockchain is not about code but rather how to bring that code to life and apply it to a meaningful use case.

STUDY MODE: Online through the Student Portal

COURSE DURATION: Approx 20 hours. You have 3 months to complete the course

CERTIFICATION: On successful completion you will earn a Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.




Marcus Xavier is the author of Australia’s ‘first accredited qualification’ in Applied Blockchain; The Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10747 NAT. A pioneer of the Internet Revolution and having built what was arguably Australia’s most successful B2B eCommerce platform at the time. Regularly written about and described as one of Australia’s real innovators in online applications, using the internet to create real value with real outcomes.

Marcus’ curriculum receives both industry and regulator support in Australia, and internationally in colleges and universities. Is built upon a foundation of over 30 years working in strategy, and over a decade working directly in vocational education. Courses are  forged in evidence-based skills and knowledge,

Now a leader in Blockchain Education writing a series of short courses that provide high value skills and knowledge in applying blockchain technologies (Applied Blockchain).  Marcus writes from a strategic and operational perspective and not technical courses. These are left to the developers of networks and softwares.

Marcus believes that without strategy, there is only a lot of cool code. That code needs to be given a reason for being with viable and calculated ways of bringing it to life.

Enjoy the course!

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