How to Enrol

Want to study Applied Blockchain?

The Uber Academy works with a number of Colleges that have the qualifications on their Scope … this means that they are approved by the regulator to issue the qualifications.

Who will be my Teacher?

If you are enquiring through The Uber Academy, then you will be assigned to an Uber Academy Master Trainer.

What are the available modes of learning?

The Uber Academy delivers the training through a Virtual Classroom Program. We use ZOOM technologies to deliver our training. We anticipate that some of our associated colleges will have accredited teachers available for face to face classroom delivery in 2021 if this is your preferred option.

How do I get more information about enrolling?

Just contact me through the contact form and I will contact you to discuss your learning objectives and can then connect you with the college that will best meet your needs.

Do I have to be located in Australia?

Absolutely not!
You can study from anywhere in the world as a virtual learner as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Do I have to be located in Australia?

If you are looking to study ‘on campus’ then yes at this stage Australia is your only option. We have associated colleges that are registered to accept and enrol International Learners.