Lessons from the Internet

If you cast your mind back for a moment to the early 90’s after the Internet launched the world wide web. There was an incredible rush to learn the technologies behind this new revolution. The world was quickly flush with some amazing technicians, evolving the technology and finding ways to secure e commerce transactions, not to mention inventing ways to make the internet accessible to everyone on the planet.

The job market was booming and developer salaries were off the chart, not to mention entrepreneurs creating what we all remember as the DotCom era.

The value moved very quickly to strategy as organisations, large and small, embraced the world wide web and sought to transition existing business models to new online digital models where the customer reach was global and costs to market were a fraction of traditional business models.

Then came the Social Networking revolution which took these digital enterprises into another stratosphere creating and using Big Data to match customers to products and services. Again things moved very quickly from the technical know how to the strategy behind bringing these new Social Network fuelled enterprises to life.

… and now the cycle continues with the advent of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies which is fuelling the Internet of Things and is picking up where the world wide web and digital marketing left off.

The lesson learned is that things move very quickly from being technology driven to being strategy driven, and this is why we have focused our courses on ‘how to apply’ blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.  How you can create compelling value through a blockchain ecosystem…

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