Personal Tutoring

Fast Track Your Studies

Do you need to get your qualification in a hurry?
Have you got a critical timeline or window to complete your qualification?

Marcus is offering personal tutoring through a Residential Program in Vanuatu where he will spend each day with 4 students maximum to work through the theory and practical assessments for the Applied Blockchain Qualifications.

How will this fast track your studies?

A typical day consists of private workshops with Marcus (the actual author of the qualifications). The morning is taken up with key concepts and teaching to the theory for a subject, followed by an afternoon of researching and tutorials on issues that might require further clarification. Learners can then work on their theory assessment submissions for the subject of the day.

You can book for as many or as few Units (subjects ) as you require. We will provide you with a schedule when you enquire. So participants are working on the same units each day.

Once you have completed the scheduled Unit workshops, you will participate in morning tutorials focused on the requirements of the assessment tasks and be supervised in the afternoon while you make a start (or even complete) those tasks. The number of days for your program depends on the number of units you want to take on.

The Study Environment

I am based in Vanuatu and our property (Papaya Villa) is located along the ocean front in an old copra plantation approx 25 minutes drive from the capital of Port Vila. The environment is private and extremely inducive to study.

  • We have our own satellite service so you have excellent internet access and bandwidth
  • All learning materials are provided
  • You have free access to Marcus (Master Trainer and author of the qualifications)
  • Accommodation is excellent and included (check it out)
  • All meals are included
  • Airport transfers are included
  • Airfares are excluded
  • We can invoice you or your company so you can claim your education / professional development expenses

You will also have time to experience the island of Efate so it is not all completely work!

Get ahead of the pack!

Want to know more? Contact me through the Contact form and I will get in touch with you to discuss details and answer any question you have.