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Proper planning of your lessons is critical if you are to keep your learners on track with their timetable and also to ensure that they are properly prepared for their assessment activities. 

I have prepared a Study Guide for each unit that is tightly aligned to the assessment benchmarks for that unit. If you follow these guides your learners will have covered the required learning for that unit.

Each Study Guide includes an Activity as homework that you must review at the commencement of the next lesson. These activities are designed to prepare the learner for the Assessments for the unit. They will also provide focus for both the learner and you as the teacher. If time permits, you can have your learners complete these in class under your supervision.

To further assist I have prepared a range of Slide Decks that cover the main topics for each unit. You will find these under Resources.  Follow the Study Guides and you can tailor these Power Point slide decks for your lessons.

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