What is Applied Blockchain?

It maybe easier to describe what Applied Blockchain is not!

Applied Blockchain is not about developing blockchain code or building a blockchain network or ecosystem, but rather how blockchain technology is applied to a new or existing business model.

Applied Blockchain addresses the strategy and planning that sits behind a blockchain implementation… There is much work to plan how the tenets of blockchain can be applied to create value… yes you heard correctly … it is fundamentally about value creation.

Applied Blockchain is a specific area of focus for people considering a career in the emerging technology. Whilst the technologies are constantly changing, many of the fundamentals in merging blockchain technology with business models remain just that… fundamental. Fundamentals such as ‘ crafting a disruptive business model using blockchain‘ or ‘developing governance policy for a blockchain network or ecosystem’  and ‘ developing functional specifications for a blockchain network or smart contract‘ . These are just some of the areas that must be addressed to ‘apply blockchain’.

It is said that ‘Applied Blockchain’ addresses strategy, planning and implementation … the Why & How blockchain can be implemented rather than the technical development and deployment of a blockchain network.