What we do

... our focus is squarely on blockchain strategy

Good Question!

Simply put we do only two things…

  1. We develop and certify Master Trainers in Applied Blockchain
  2. We train and assess the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10747NAT*

So people and organisations seek us out for two reasons:

  1. To complete the Advanced Diploma qualification that is taught by an Uber Academy certified Master Trainer
  2. To contract a Master Trainer for their college or organisation

** The qualification is currently issued through Mentor Education; National RTO 21683


  • Because an Uber Academy Master Trainer has been certified by the person who developed and authored the course.
  • Our Master Trainers receive ongoing blockchain professional development only available through The Uber Academy.
  • Our Master Trainers are required to meet ongoing certification training
Master trainers

If you missed the Internet Revolution, don’t miss the Blockchain Revolution!

Courses commence in 2019.

Register your interest now and be amongst the first intakes.